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Maine’s Bangor Daily News pimped out WordPress in order to create a single editorial workflow for online and print.

Via Media Bistro:

The Bangor Daily News announced this week that it completed its full transition to open source blogging software, WordPress. And get this: The workflow integrates seamlessly with InDesign, meaning the paper now has one content management system for both its web and print operations. And if you’re auspicious enough, you can do it too — he’s open-sourced all the code!

The newspaper’s reporters and editors initially write their articles in Google Docs and when ready to publish send it over to WordPress in a single click. Once in WordPress, it’s just a matter of categorizing and adding some additional metadata.

They then leveraged WordPress’ APIs to create an InDesign plugin that sucks content out of the CMS and into that program.

Click through to watch a short screencast, and check out the plugins they’ve open sourced so you can play with it to.


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